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Phil talks about the
Rent to Own Journey


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You are about to embark on the best investment decision you have ever made. Renting then buying your own home.

As Louis Glickman, famous real estate investor and philanthropist once said:

The best investment on Earth is Earth.

Louis Glickman

We have found Mr. Glickman’s words to be true! Too many people have the renting mindset instead of the owning mindset. And you know what ... they are making landlords rich!

Bill's Rent to Own Story

One of our client’s, let’s call him Bill, had spent over $100,000 in rent over the last 5 years! Bill had a good job, a better wife and some furry friends. He was having trouble finding a rental that was pet friendly and was tired of wasting so much money on rent.

Bill was highly motivated to own his own home and invest in his future.

Bill did not qualify for a mortgage. Unfortunately, he had missed a couple of payments on his credit card. The payments were small but missing them seriously affected his credit.

Bill contacted us and together we got to work:

Rent to Own your home
  • First, we explained to him that he would need savings of at least 2% for the home he wanted to buy to qualify for my program. Fortunately, Bill had managed to save $6,000.
  • Second, we explained that he would need to get his credit in shape….meaning, he had to have a minimum credit score of 650. 
  • Third, we told Bill that he needed to see our mortgage broker, Charmaine Sherck…the best in the business. He saw her immediately and Charmaine was able to determine that, if Bill followed a few simple steps, he would qualify for a mortgage in two years or less.  She also determined that he would be able to purchase a house for $400,000 or under.
  • Bill wanted to buy a home for around $300,000.  He also wanted to have a   home with a suite to help with his rent and eventually mortgage payments. 
  • Bill did not qualify for a mortgage for a $300,000 home because he only had $6,000 in savings not to mention he need time to sort out his credit.
  • In order for Bill to buy a home he needed at least a 5% down payment. He needed $15,000 not the $6,000 he had saved.  Bill was a bit discouraged at that point but we explained that he could save the $9,000 through our monthly option credit system.  Through this system, Bill agreed to pay us the $6,000 he had saved and agreed to pay us the extra $9,000 he needed to save over a period of 24 months or only $375 per month!  In two years Bill would be given a “credit” of $15,000 towards his purchase.
  • Fourth, Bill needed to find the ideal home for his family.  Bill chose one of the homes we had recently renovated.
  • Best of all, the home had a one bedroom suite which Bill would be able to rent out and help with his payments!
  • Fifth, we provided Bill with a home inspection and encouraged him to speak to our contractor and the home inspector to satisfy himself about the quality of the house and the renovations.
  • Finally, Bill signed a lease for two years and signed an option agreement with us setting out our agreement in full.  The agreement gave Bill the right to buy the home from us for a preset price. We further agreed that he would be able to rent out the suite and keep the rental money.  Best of all, Bill would be able to use the income from the suite to help him qualify for his mortgage when he bought the house from us in two years.
  • After two years, Bill applied for his own mortgage.  He used the “option credits” as the down payment on the home and purchased it in his own name.
  • Bill was thrilled. He did not waste money on rent.  He saved up his down payment. He has a lovely home for his wife and furry friends.  Bill invested wisely and truly made the best investment on Earth.

If you act now, Bill’s story can be your story. All you need to do is fill in the quick start application and we’ll get to work with you too. Stop renting, start owning today!